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Birth of Uggli™ Fortune MoonCakes

The mid Autumn festival is also about a celebration of togetherness, symbolic of
the full moon.

Legend has it that in the late Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368 AD), People in many parts of China could not bear the oppressive rule of the Mongol government. A revolt was planned by the Chinese Han people. Despite a prohibition against large gatherings, rebel leader Zhu Yuan Zhuang was able to instigate a rebellion by placing secret messages in the mooncakes and distributed to the Chinese people. The revolt took place during the Mid-Autumn festival.

It was a success, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD) was established.

Uggli Muffins has taken this inspiration and placed Fortune slips among SOME (not all) of our individually handcrafted, with premium ingredients in our Uggli Mooncakes.

The slips will contain secret messages and lucky numbers. It will also entitle you to claim a FREE tub (250g) of our famous Uggli Macadamia nut + Choc chips cookies.

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